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SRS has launched a powerful cloud-based app that enables HVAC contractors and energy efficiency project developers, in real time, to estimate energy cost savings and calculate financial impacts of their projects. Powered by proprietary data, predictive analytics and proven technology, Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™) incorporates data collected by SRS over the last decade from thousands of energy improvement projects nationwide. EPIC-generated reports, appended to project proposals can transform an unwelcome capital expense to a compelling investment opportunity.

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Working in collaboration with its government agency clients, SRS serves as the foundation for the most successful Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) programs in the country. The combination of talented agency staff, the SRS technical support services team and our powerful PACEworx™ Platform has facilitated the development of over $260 million of C-PACE projects — a level unmatched in the industry.


Our unique PACEworx™ Platform provides consistency, quality control and transparency across the entire project life cycle – ensuring that all stakeholder underwriting requirements are met and that projects accelerate to a successful close.

close underwrite originate


To accelerate projects through each step in the life cycle,  SRS deploys a standardized training protocol that provides step-by-step instruction on the workflow of C-PACE and introduces a suite of tools, reports and support services designed to generate building owner enthusiasm for a specific project.

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SRS accelerates project origination through contractor channel initiatives.

  • Owner authorizes contractor for site visit, upon SRS pre-qualification
  • Contractor uses SRS tools to optimize project for C-PACE financing
  • SRS conducts project eligibility and savings projections technical review on behalf of agency sponsor (Government or Non-Profit)


SRS tools & reports ensure stakeholder underwriting requirements are met.

  • Owner approves project scope and cost, post SRS technical underwriting
  • Owner, with SRS technical support, obtains mortgage holder consent
  • SRS supports owner’s “best fit” capital provider selection


SRS prepares Project Finance Report to facilitate finance closing.

  • Capital provider and owner execute finance agreement
  • SRS coordinates with local tax office to place PACE assessment
  • Contractor commences construction, SRS oversees project commissioning


C-PACE projects must work for all three project Gatekeepers: Contractors, who have a desire to sell comprehensive projects, Owners and Mortgage Holders — both typically skeptical of the projected energy savings. Gaining consensus requires a skilled, independent third party, with the technical and financial knowledge to deliver projects that meet, or exceed, the objectives of each Gatekeeper.





Contractor involvement and motivation is the most crucial element in the success of every C-PACE program, especially during the critical 2-3 year launch and growth period. SRS provides outreach, education and training, including workshops and webinars to educate and engage Contractors on the benefits of C-PACE financing. Following the workshops, our Technical Support Services (TSS) team enables contractors with a suite of tools, reports and support services to sustain momentum and accelerate C-PACE market adoption by advancing Contractor projects.

One major barrier to closing C-PACE project financings is often the Building Owners’ lack of confidence in the Contractor’s projected energy savings-based projects. To meet the underwriting requirements of skeptical building owners, our PACEworx™ Platform enables a technically sound transparent project scenario development and optimization process which allows Contractors to address all of the Building Owners’ “what if’s”— improving confidence in the project economics.

Building Owner’s seeking to take advantage of C-PACE financing need to secure the consent of the bank holding the first mortgage — although many bank officers are unfamiliar with C-PACE and may not have the necessary documentation to support such consent. To successfully facilitate the Mortgage Holder’s consent, SRS’s Mortgage Holder Consent Report includes the key financial and technical data required to assess the project’s impact on the building owner’s mortgage repayment ability and collateral value.


SRS provides C-PACE programs with a streamlined, standardized, technically-sound and transparent underwriting methodology that has earned the confidence of contractors, building owners, mortgage holders and capital providers around the country. This proven project underwriting methodology has facilitated the development of over $260 million of C-PACE projects nationwide – a level unmatched in the industry.

The SRS Platform is essential

for the management of an inherently data-intensive, complicated process. By standardizing the underwriting, SRS has provided capital providers with a high-degree of confidence in the project underwriting data, enabling the sale of PACE portfolios.

BRYAN GARCIA, CEO, Connecticut Green Bank
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SRS’s state-of-the-art project development tools

have brought speed and transparency to the commercial PACE underwriting process.

RICH CHIEN, GreenFinanceSF Program Manager, City and County of San Francisco

SRS was competitively selected

as the Colorado C-PACE administrator and will oversee an open, competitive lending model that makes it possible for a wide variety of capital providers to participate.

PAUL SCHARFENBERGER Director of Finance & Operations, Colorado Energy Office Chairman, New Energy Improvement District
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The SRS team has brought experience

and technical competence to our program. Working in close collaboration with our staff, SRS has built the RI C-PACE website, written the Program Guidelines, and prepared a detailed communications plan for engaging key stakeholders. As a result, RI C-PACE is positioned for a seamless launch in record time. It has been a very productive partnership.

MICHAEL BAER, Senior Advisor, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank
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With SRS’s extensive success

in administering C-PACE programs nationwide, we are confident that our partnership will create a robust program locally that leverages market-based approaches to energy financing, and capitalizes on best practices throughout the country.

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LAURA NELSON, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Energy Development
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The SRS team has been a valued partner

during Arlington County’s C-PACE program development. SRS has worked thoughtfully and successfully with county staff from multiple departments, and has considered varied interests to craft an excellent program. Their extensive knowledge of the PACE industry is evident to me and to different stakeholders as we learn from their presentations and excellent answers to questions on all aspects of the PACE program. We look forward to collaborating with them to bring projects to close in 2018.

RICH DOOLEY, Community Energy Coordinator, Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy
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SRS Launches Building Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™) (May 19, 2020 | Press Release)

This cloud-based app empowers HVAC contractors and energy efficiency project developers to instantly calculate the cash value of energy savings driven by equipment upgrades to commercial buildings.  read more

New Homewood Suites to be Summit County’s First Use of C-PACE Financing (May 11, 2020 | Press Release)

Colorado C-PACE announced that Kinseth Hospitality and the Frew Development Group leveraged C-PACE financing to develop a hotel located at 122 Lake Dillon Drive in Dillon, CO. This is the first C-PACE project in Summit County.  read more

Pueblo Coffee Shop Finances Solar Installation through Colorado’s C-PACE Program (March 11, 2020 | Press Release)

Colorado C-PACE announced that Solar Roast Coffee is leveraging CO C-PACE financing to support a 23.7 kW roof-mounted solar PV installation project on their retail building at their newest location in Pueblo, CO.  read more

A Guide to Building Energy Performance (March 11, 2020 | Standardization News)

Building energy efficiency has become an important factor in commercial real estate transactions. A new guide helps assess efficiency and estimate upgrade costs.  read more

A New Way to Measure Risk (March 6, 2020 | Scotsman Guide)

Find out why more commercial real estate deals will include energy-performance assessments.  read more

Fowler Owners Renovate Office Building with Otero County’s First Use of C-PACE Financing (February 24, 2020 | Press Release)

Colorado C-PACE announced that Total Concept will leverage C-PACE financing to support an energy efficiency retrofit project on their building located in Fowler. This is the first C-PACE project for Otero County and Southeastern Colorado.   read more

Denver Owner Finances Retail Building Renovations With Colorado’s C-PACE Program (January 27, 2020 | Press Release)

Colorado C-PACE announced that Westbrook Development Partners is leveraging CO C-PACE financing to support a retrofit project on their retail building located in downtown Denver. read more

Denver Owner Finances Office Building Renovations With Colorado’s C-PACE Program (January 6, 2020 | Press Release)

Colorado C-PACE announced that Lakeside Office Park LLC is leveraging C-PACE financing for a major rehabilitation of their building known as Lakeside Office Park. The project includes the installation of chiller plant upgrades, HVAC upgrades, an energy management system, an LED lighting retrofit, and elevator modernization. read more


May 27, 2020


C-PACE Contractor Webinar
Learn how C-PACE financing can help you grow your business

June 24, 2020


Financing Resilience with C-PACE Webinar
Learn how the financing works and how it differs from traditional financing options

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